eCommerce Sites

eCommerce Websites
Online stores that are beautiful, effective, easy to manage and load properly on all devices.
Adding an online store has never been easier
Our eCommerce sites are a cost effective way to bring the power of online sales to your business, give me a call or follow the link below to discuss your needs with us.
Discuss your needs with us

Our drag and drop editor combined with simple product addition and subtraction, automatic tax calculation, automatic shipping - the site pretty much runs itself and what it doesn't run can easily can usually be handled by as little as one member of your staff. Our eCommerce sites are not a major undertaking that will cost you time.
Cost Effective

Our client's are furnished eCommerce sites are delivered in a timely manner because of our internal systems, methods, procedures and technologies, this savings in development time translates directly into savings for our clients.

Clients of ours are furnished eCommerce sites that deliver in a timely manner because of our internal systems, methods, procedures and technologies, this savings in development time translates directly into savings for our clients when it comes to the price of sites from us.
Innovative & Secure

Our eCommerce sites are hosted on the very same CDN cloud platform used by - you don't get safer than that, but it isn't just safety that differentiates us, it's load times. This innovative platform ensures industry leading up times for our client´s sites and fast load times for mobile customers who increasingly utilize eCommerce while shopping from their phones.
eCommerce Site Features
100% Responsive
Our eCommerce solution displays beautifully and works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.
Integrated Design
The online storefront automatically incorporates the same color palette and font styles as the rest of the website.
Product Pages
Each product page and description is fully customizable.
All eCommerce-related emails sent from the platform have fully customizable text.
Payment Options
Our eCommerce tools are integrated with 30+ secure, trusted payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, and more.
Max/Min Purchase
Set the maximum or minimum a customer must purchase to check out (e.g. a customer must spend at least $5 to complete the transaction).
Tax Options
The platform allows complete control over tax settings by state and country.
Generate coupon codes for a particular product, or overall order, for customers to use at checkout.
Product Categories
Split your products into categories to make it easier for potential customers to browse your store.
Offer digital content for purchase and download (e.g. video and audio files, images, documents, etc.).
Low Stock Notifications
Receive an email update when your store is running low on a particular item.
Stock Count
Display the amount of stock left to customers to create a sense of urgency and encourage them to buy.
Display Discounts
Show discounted price against the list price to encourage customer conversion
Shipping Options
Full control over what shipping options are available to customers. (e.g. overnight shipping, standard, etc.).
Shipping Rates
Set flat shipping rates or have them calculated on the fly by weight of product.
Tracking Codes
Place tracking codes on “Thank You for Purchasing” pages to report sales into an analytics platform and track the effectiveness of affiliate and pay-per-click campaigns.
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